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Summer Term 2023


Prof. Dr. Tim Krieger

  • Economics Blog (Seminar, Bachelor & Master) only German!
  • Law & Economics (Vorlesung & Übung, Bachelor) only German!
  • Fachwissenschaftliche und fachdidaktische Herausforderungen des Wirtschaftsunterrichts (Blockseminar, Master of Education) only German!
  •  Seminar: Capitalism and War (Seminar, Master)


Prof. Dr. Horst Weitzmann

  • Unternehmens- und Unternehmergeschichte(n) (BOK-Kurs, Bachelor) only German!


Studentischer Blog "Think Ordo!"

As part of the course "Economics Blog", students have the opportunity each semester to actively contribute to the student blog "Think Ordo! - Ordnungspolitik neu denken" of the Wilfried Guth Endowed Professorship.

Please note the information in the course catalog and module handbook on the creditability of the courses offered in your degree program.


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