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Research focus of the endowed chair

  • Economic, social and education policy in open and aging economies
  • Competition among systems in Europe
  • Inequality and institutions
  • Future of the world trade order
  • Migration and institutions
  • Illegality and conflict as challenges for market-based democracies
  • Civil rights, security and efficiency: Regulatory Policy for digital markets
  • Role of Ordoliberalism in Europe


Aktuelle Forschungsergebnisse


Contributions to terrorism research

The staff at the Wilfried Guth Endowed Chair for Constitutional Political Economy and Competition Policy has been investigating the economic aspects of global terrorism and anti-terror policies for a long time.


Prof. Krieger's blogs

Prof. Krieger regularly blogs about regulatory policy issues and current questions on economic policy. He is part of a permanent team of authors who blog at "Wirtschaftliche Freiheit: Das ordnungspolitische Journal". As part of the "Economics Blog" seminar, he also runs the students blog "Think Ordo! Ordnungspolitik neu denken".



The Wilfried Guth Endowed Chair regularly invites guests from the fields of science, politics, and business for lectures, public talks and research exchanges.


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