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Letters of Recommendation

Professor Krieger provides letters of recommendation for select students upon request. However, please note that letters are only written for applications in the field of economics and for programs that explicitly require such a letter (e.g.,  MA or PhD programs). Furthermore, candidates requesting a letter of recommendation should have demonstrated intellectual curiosity and performed well in Professor Krieger’s classes.

Please note that while a letter of recommendation complements an already exemplary academic performance, it cannot compensate for a poor one. Given the time and effort required to compose such a letter, we ask that you only request one if your academic profile holds promise for future graduate studies.

The following documents should be attached to an inquiry for a letter of recommendation:

  • CV
  • Academic transcript
  • BA/MA diploma (if available)
  • Names of institutions and programs that the student is applying to
  • Written proof that a letter of recommendation is required
  • Any other information which might be relevant


We kindly ask you to send your inquiry for a letter of recommendation to our main email address (

Please note that all inquiries are carefully reviewed by Professor Krieger and the final decision to write a letter remains at his sole discretion.

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